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Inclusive Access

What is Inclusive Access (IA}?

Inclusive Access items are digital course materials available to students on the first day of class. The cost of the material is charged to the student account (via "MyUTK" account) for all students who are registered for a participating Inclusive Access course. The cost is reduced through negotiation with the publisher due to the participation of the class, section or course in Inclusive Access.

There are different formats for Inclusive Access Delivery:
  • Digital Ebook Only

    These digital books are only found on Online@UT (Canvas). There will not be a print copy of the book.

  • Digital Ebook with Print Optional Upgrade

    A print copy of the digital book is not included, but is available at a reduced price with continued participation in the Inclusive Access Program. These print copies are not available for purchase until after the opt out deadline.

  • Digital Ebook with Access Codes or Courseware

    Students have access to the digital ebook along with codes to utilize online resources, homework or courseware to supplement the text.

How do these books benefit students?
  • Course Materials are provided in digital format.
  • Materials can be accessed through Online@UT (Canvas) or a publisher site.
  • Available on the first day of class.
  • Charged to the student account.
  • Accessible on multiple devices.
  • Ability to opt out by the add/drop date
Opting-Out & Refunds

Students can opt out of the program- if they choose- which will initiate a refund to their student account by the Bursar. Students who choose to opt out must do so before the deadline and will need to obtain the necessary course materials by other means. The student portal allows students to opt out- or opt back in. Students enrolled in a course utilizing Inclusive Acceess materials will receive an email with the link to their portal. Opt out must be indicated by the deadlines listed below. Students who opt out will receive a refund for courses they have dropped, if officially processed by the deadlines listed below.

Deadline to Opt-out of IADeadline to Recieve a Refund for IA Materials When Dropping a Class
First SessionAugust 28thSeptember 4th
Full SessionAugust 28thSeptember 11th
Second SessionOctober 12thOctober 16th