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Due to COVID-19, students will only be able to purchase course materials through our website. We are unable to allow students to browse through the store to select books and will not be printing student schedules or booklists. Orders can be shipped to your home, delivered to campus lockers or picked up in the VolBooks store in the Student Union Building.

VA/Voc Rehab students should email our VolBooks Manager directly, listing the books needed, as well as any supply items you need. We can ship these items to you. If you prefer to come into the store, we will offer personal service to assist with your purchase.

We will allow students to shop for school supplies, but social distancing will be enforced and occupancy in the store will be limited.

We understand these guidelines may be inconvenient, but are necessary for the protection of students and staff. To thank you for your patronage and assistance in maintaining crowd control, we will be providing a promotional code with orders that are shipped. This promotion code will allow a discount on a future online order, for gift and apparel items. We have several shipping options available. We will be utilizing the UT Package Lockers (those living on campus must provide their residence hall address for shipping to the Package Lockers). If you are living off campus, please provide your local/Knoxville address for shipping, this is the address you use while taking classes; DO NOT provide your parent's address unless you live there while you are attending classes. If you want more information on UT Package Lockers, you can get more information here: UT PACKAGE LOCKERS.


Fall 2020 Deadlines

Book Refund DeadlineLast Day to Opt-out of Inclusive AccessRefund Deadline When Dropping a Class
1st SessionAugust 28thAugust 28thSeptember 4th
Full SessionAugust 28thAugust 28thSeptember 14th
2nd SessionOctober 12thOctober 12thOctober 16th

Explain the difference between required, optional and recommended course materials.

Required indicates the material is essential for success in the course, as specified by the instructor. Optional and recommended are essentially the same. While the material isn’t required for success in the course, the instructor is indicating that it may be useful or helpful for some students.

My book is out of stock. How can I get it?

Our system allows you to backorder New books. If you choose to have your order shipped, it will be sent to you when it arrives. If you chose in-store pickup, you will be notified when you order has arrived.

My course indicates “No Text is Required”. What does this mean?

Your instructor has indicated that no materials need to be purchased for the class.

My course indicates “No information found”. What should I do?

This indicates that the instructor or department has not yet submitted course material information. Please check back in a few days or check with your instructor.

Where do I find my course packet?

Course packets are submitted to Volbooks in the same way as other print materials and will be available for purchase online or in store.

Can I use a clicker for more than one class?

Yes. You can purchase a clicker from the store or utilize the Turning Technologies app on your phone.

When is the last day I can return my books for a full refund?
Refund DeadlineRefund Deadline When Dropping a Class
1st SessionAugust 28thSeptember 4th
Full SessionAugust 28thSeptember 14th
2nd SessionOctober 12thOctober 16th

Are textbook rentals available?

Usually, on select titles. Rental books offer a savings of 35-45% off of the purchase price of new or used books.
Due to changes caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, rental textbooks will not be offered for the Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 semesters.

How do I buy my Inclusive Access materials?

Required Inclusive Access materials are charged to the student account. Print upgrade materials- to accompany Inclusive Access digital material– can be purchased online at an additional cost.

When will I have access to my Inclusive Access books or course material?

Inclusive Access material is available in or through Canvas on the first day of class or when the instructor makes it available.

Why is Inclusive Access effective?

Inclusive Access provides the specific materials assigned by the instructor for every student registered for the class. It is available for all students on the first day of class through Canvas, at the same reduced price, so everyone has the same opportunity for success. Inclusive Access provides savings to students, ease of access, and the ability to use financial aid, grant and scholarship funds.

How much does Inclusive Access cost?

The costs vary, depending on the options chosen by the instructor. The material could be an ebook, an access code or a combination. Inclusive Access reduces the cost of traditional materials by 20-50%.

Clicking on the link in Canvas took me to a website. I am being asked to enter a code or pay for access. What do I do?

Inclusive Access titles do not usually require a code and no payment should be requested on the publisher site. Please contact Volbooks for assistance.

What does “opt out” mean?

You can choose not to participate in Inclusive Access by “opting out”. You would receive a refund to your account and would need to obtain your course materials from another course. This means that you will no longer have access through Canvas. You must complete the opt out process before the refund/opt out deadline.

How do I opt out?

Students “opt out” in Canvas or in their Inclusive Access student portal within the opt out deadline for the term. To opt out through the portal, use the link found in all Inclusive Access emails that we send to your UTK email. To opt out in Canvas, go to the specific course/title and click the opt out button.

I opted out by mistake. Can I opt back in?

Yes. Students can opt out and opt in through Canvas or their Inclusive Access student portal, until the deadline passes. After the deadline has passed students should contact VolBooks.

I dropped the course. Will I still be billed?

Publishers allow us a limited time -for each term- for students to receive a refund. That time frame is based on the length of the term and the date you drop the course.

When will I receive access to my ebooks?

Ebooks purchased in the store or online are physical items (usually a card or envelope) with a code and instructions inside. They are listed on the website the same as a physical, print book. The physical package contains important information. Do not discard anything until you find the code and instructions. Ebook Access codes are non-returnable once opened.

How do I access my digital book. (Digital Purchase)

Digital books (180 day digital access) purchased on our website are confirmed with an email that includes the code and instructions. If you do not see the email in your inbox- please check junk/spam folders.

I didn’t get a code for my digital book purchase. What do I do?

If you don’t receive an email with code and instructions within one business day, contact Volbooks.

Due to changes caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, rental textbooks will not be offered for the Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 semesters.

When will my order be ready to pick up?

Customers will receive an email when their order is ready to be picked up. Please allow 24-72 hours for the order to be processed.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order please have your Sales Order number, then either call us at 865-974-1050, or email us at volbooks@utk.edu requesting that the order be cancelled. If your order has already been processed then it will be issued a refund instead of a cancellation.

Why was my textbook cancelled from my order?

If a textbook was cancelled off of the order it is because VolBooks was out of stock for that title and we were not able to order another copy.

How do I sell my books back during the Fall 2020 semester?

Buyback will be online only during the Fall 2020 semester. There will be no in person buyback done at VolBooks. To do an online buyback please visit our Textbook Buyback page and follow the instructions.

When should I sell my books back?

Books can be sold at any time throughout the year, but our wholesalers typically pay better prices during the exam period at the end of each semester.

Can I sell back books that I didn’t buy at VolBooks?

Yes! Although, there is no guarantee it will have a buyback price.

What do I need to sell my books?

For the fall 2020 semester you will only need the ISBNs of the books you wish to sell. Please visit our Textbook Buyback page to learn more.

What kind of condition should my books be in for buybacks?

Books should be in a reasonably good condition when selling them. Highlighting and writing are allowed if it is minimal. If there is any water damage on the pages or cover of the book then it will be rejected when it reaches the warehouse.