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Available for purchase ONLINE ONLY.

What is Total Access?

TOTAL Access is a new program that offers one flat fee, per term for all required undergraduate course materials, similar to a subscription plan. Where Inclusive Access lowered the cost of individual items, TOTAL Access reduces the overall cost for required course materials across all undergraduate disciplines and areas of study. Our vision is to provide equal opportunity, affordability, and success for our diverse student community. This program is a digital first model, and VolBooks is working to have the program ready for the Fall 2024 term.

What is a course material?

A Course Material is a textbook or other instructional tool, such as courseware, that is used for or in conjuction with classroom instruction and is adopted for academic use by faculty members, instructors, or the person or entity in charge of selecting learning materials at the state institution of higher education.

What is a digital course material?

A Digital Course Material is an ebook, courseware, or ebook+courseware that can be accessed from a mobile device such as a computer, laptop, iPad, or phone.

What is the difference between required, optional (recommended), and choice course materials?

  • Required indicates the material is essential for success in the course - as specified by the instructor.
  • Optional indicates the material is not required, but recommended, and may be useful or helpful for some students.
  • Choice titles are part of a group of titles from which you can select. There is a requirement to purchase, but you can choose your preference from the choice titles listed.
  • My book is out of stock. How can I get it?

    Our system allows you to backorder New books. If you choose to have your order shipped, it will be sent to you when it arrives. If you chose in-store pickup, you will be notified when your order has arrived and is ready for pick-up.

    My course indicates “No Text is Required”. What does this mean?

    Your instructor has indicated that no materials need to be purchased for the class.

    My course indicates “No information found”. What should I do?

    This indicates that the instructor or department has not yet submitted course material information. Please check back in a few days or check with your instructor.

    Where do I find my course packet?

    Course packets are submitted to Volbooks in the same way as other printed materials and will be listed on our site under the course/section. These items can be purchased from our website and picked up in the store, delivered to a campus locker for pickup or shipped to your address.

    Can I use a clicker for more than one class?

    Yes. You can purchase a clicker from the store or utilize the Turning Technologies app on your phone.

    When is the last day I can return my books for a full refund?

    Please see the refund deadlines listed below.

    When will I receive access to my ebooks?

    Ebooks purchased in the store or online are physical items (usually a card or envelope) with a code and instructions inside. They are listed on the website the same as a physical, print book. The physical package contains important information. Do not discard anything until you find the code and instructions. Ebook Access codes are non-returnable once opened.

    How do I access my digital book? (Digital Purchase)

    Digital books (180 day digital access) purchased on our website are confirmed with an email that includes the code and instructions. If you do not see the email in your inbox- please check junk/spam folders.

    I didn’t get a code for my digital book purchase. What do I do?

    If you don’t receive an email with code and instructions within one business day, contact Volbooks.

    Higer Education Opportunity Act

    PUBLISHER REQUIREMENTS.— ‘‘(1) COLLEGE TEXTBOOK PRICING INFORMATION.—When a publisher provides a faculty member or other person or adopting entity in charge of selecting course materials at an institution of higher education receiving Federal financial assistance with information regarding a college textbook or supplemental material, the publisher shall include, with any such information and in writing (which may include electronic communications), the following: ‘‘(A) The price at which the publisher would make the college textbook or supplemental material available to the bookstore on the campus of, or otherwise associated with, such institution of higher education and, if available, the price at which the publisher makes the college textbook or supplemental material available to the public.

    FI0155 – Minimizing the Cost of Textbooks and Course Materials; Duplication and Distribution of Instructional Materials Prepared by Faculty

    SECTION 1. Policy Statement

    Books and Course Materials Sold Through On-Campus Bookstores

    A. On-campus bookstores must:
    1. Require faculty members to acknowledge in writing the price of the textbooks and materials during the submission process.
    2. Disclose to students and faculty members on a per-title and per-course basis the costs to students of purchasing the required textbooks, and electronic or written course materials, such as workbooks, manuals, etc., through an e-commerce website following activation before the start of each term.
    3. When possible, provide students the option of purchasing textbooks and other study products separately from each other if selling textbooks to students as part of a bundled package.
    4. Ensure that students have access to information regarding which course materials are required or optional. Each on-campus bookstore must ensure that this information is published on viable channels, including the on-campus bookstore’s website. Each on-campus bookstore must publish this information before courses begin and will publish the information as available. This information must include, but is not limited to, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
    5. When a publisher provides copies of required textbooks to the campus at no charge, the on-campus bookstore must provide copies of required textbooks to the applicable academic department or through the reserve system of the campus library. The academic department or library will provide access to the textbooks at no charge.

    B. On-campus bookstores may offer an optional Flat-Fee Access program providing students all required course materials, for a set fee charged to a student’s account.

    C. Buyback programs: if an on-campus bookstore conducts a book buyback program, the on- campus bookstore must actively publicize and promote the program.

    D. Inventory management
    1. On-campus bookstores must work with the institution’s administration and faculty members to ensure that the faculty submit to the on-campus bookstore lists of required textbooks and course materials in a timely manner to ensure that a sufficient quantity of the textbooks and materials are available for purchase when courses begin.
    2.On-campus bookstores must utilize existing bookstore staff levels to manage and monitor textbook inventory.

    What is Inclusive Access (IA)?

    Inclusive Access items are digital course materials available to students on the first day of class. The cost of the material is charged to the student account (via "MyUTK" account) for all students who are registered for a participating Inclusive Access course. The cost is reduced through negotiation with the publisher due to the participation of the class, section or course in Inclusive Access.

    All course material are available for purchase ONLINE ONLY.

    When will my order be ready to pick up?

    Customers will receive an email when their order is ready to be picked up. Please allow 24-72 hours for the order to be processed.

    How do I cancel my order?

    To cancel your order please have your Sales Order number, then either call us at 865-974-1050, or email us at volbooks@utk.edu requesting that the order be cancelled. If your order has already been processed then it will be issued a refund instead of a cancellation.

    Why was my textbook cancelled from my order?

    If a textbook was cancelled off of the order it is because VolBooks was out of stock for that title and we were not able to order another copy.

    The following table shows a list of partners that currently participate in our IA digital program.

    American Library Association
    American Mathematical Society
    American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.
    American Psychological Association
    Aspen Publishing
    Author Solutions
    Bloomsbury UK
    Bloomsbury USA
    Broadview Press
    Cambridge University Press
    Carolina Academic Press
    Cengage Learning US
    Cengage Limited
    Chelsea Green Publishing
    Chronicle Books
    Cognella, Inc.
    Copper Canyon Press
    Dover Publications
    Duke University Press
    Elsevier Health Sciences (US)
    Elsevier S & T
    F. A. Davis Company
    Garland Science
    Great River Learning
    Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
    Guilford Publications, Inc.
    Hackett Publishing
    HarperCollins Christian
    Harry N. Abrams, Inc
    Harvard Business Review Press
    Harvard University Press
    Haymarket Books
    Hippocrene Books, Inc.
    Human Kinetics Publishers
    Independent Publishers Group (Chicago Review Press)
    Jones & Bartlett Learning
    Kendall Hunt Publishing
    Macmillan Higher Education
    Macmillan Trade
    McGraw-Hill Create
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US)
    McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions
    McGraw-Hill Professional
    New Harbinger Publications
    North River Press
    NYU Press
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
    Oxford University Press Academic Canada
    Oxford University Press Academic UK
    Oxford University Press Academic US
    Oxford University Press ELT
    Packback Books Publishers
    Paul H Brookes Publishing Co, Inc
    Pearson - Channel Partner Integration
    Pearson Education (US)
    Pearson International Content
    Pearson Learning Solutions
    Pearson Learning Solutions - Custom Content - API
    Pearson Technology Group
    Penguin US
    Princeton University Press
    Publisher Name
    Random House Digital Inc.
    Random House Publishing Services
    Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
    Sagamore Publishing LLC
    SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
    SAGE Publications, Ltd. (UK)
    Simon & Schuster
    Springer Nature
    Springer Publishing LLC
    Stanford University Press
    Store - University of Tennessee Knoxville Bookstore
    Stukent, Inc.
    Taylor & Francis
    The Council for Exceptional Children
    The Institute of Internal Auditors
    The New Press
    The University of North Carolina Press
    Theatre Communications Group
    Top Hat
    Union Square & Co. - CoreSource Plus
    University of California Press
    University of Chicago Press
    University of Illinois Press
    University of Toronto Press
    University Press of Kentucky
    W. W. Norton
    Waveland Press, Inc.
    Wiley Global Education US
    Wiley Global Research (STMS)
    Wiley Professional Development (P&T)
    Wiley Professional, Reference & Trade (Wiley K&L)
    Wolters Kluwer Health


    No. of Items
    Participation Rate
    Opt-out Rate
    Student Savings
    Fall 2021
    Fall 2022
    Fall 2023
    Spring 2022
    Spring 2023
    Spring 2024


    University Adoption Guidelines

    Date we will begin accepting adoptions:

    Mini Term / Summer
    Winter Mini Term / Spring
    February 15
    March 15
    September 15

    Total Access / Inclusive Access Digital Program

    Preferred Submission Deadline:

    Mini Term / Summer
    Winter Mini Term / Spring
    April 1
    July 1
    November 1


    Refund Deadline

    Summer Mini
    Full/First Session Refund, Opt-Out Deadline
    May 17
    June 13
    August 26
    Full/First Session Refund If Dropping
    June 17
    August 26
    Second Session Refund, Opt-Out Deadline
    July 15
    October 14
    Second Session Refund, Dropping
    July 19
    October 14
    Third Session Refund, Opt-Out Deadline
    July 12
    October 14
    Third Session Refund, Dropping
    October 14