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About Us

First Bookstore:

In 1892-93, a College Book Store was established and given a room in the Y.M.C.A. building. In 1897, it was moved to East College. Professor Charles Ferris, a former UT football player who carried significant professional duties in Engineering, urged that the store become more established. In 1901, the UT Bookstore became incorporated, and moved to South College. The profits from the bookstore went to help maintain the athletic program.

Present Day:

For over 50 years, the VolShop (formerly the UT Bookstore) has been a part of the University of Tennessee tradition, enjoying a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the University community. As a self-supporting, University-owned, auxiliary operation, our store management team is directly responsible to our University administration, ensuring compliance with the University's mission and continuation of specialized services for students, faculty and staff.

We firmly believe in furthering the University's commitment to educational pursuits. This conviction forms the backbone of our operational goals as outlined in our mission, which are:

  • Our Vision:is to serve as the vital retailer that is a dynamic resource for the University of Tennessee.
  • Our Mission:is to serve as the source of retail services for the University of Tennessee. We provide a diverse community the resources and materials necessary to foster academic success and the university experience.

Our mission is implemented in the following ways:

The UT VolShop offers quality products and services at competitive prices. We regularly benchmark against peer institutions in order to ensure that our prices remain reasonable and our services remain current. We continually review, revise, and/or implement services and programs based on customer input, as well as internal and industry assessment.

The UT VolShop offers convenient locations to serve our customers. We operate the following campus locations: the VolShop, VolBooks, VolSnacks, and VolTech, all of which are in the Student Union; a VolShop located at 17th & Cumberland Avenue, and a branch store in the Art & Architecture Building. Immediately west of campus, our University Commons VolShop is located in the University Commons shopping center. We also operate the Tennessee Official Team Shop in Neyland Stadium, and multiple retail trailers and kiosks at University of Tennessee athletic events.

Click here to meet our VolShop directors.

All revenue earned annually by the VolShop provides financial support for scholarships, student activities, and campus building projects.