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Department Charge Documentation

Department Charge Receipts for VolShop Purchases are now located on the public Microsoft SharePoint site: VolShop Department Charge Documentation. This site can be accessed by departments on an on-demand, as needed basis, to view and download VolShop Department Charge invoices/receipts from prior months. Department Charge support for each previous month will be available by the 10th day of the following month.

This process replaces the previously-used method of POS (Point-of-Sale) receipts being indexed to Department charge transactions in IRIS. Department representatives now have the ability to access PDF receipts for their department charge purchases via the Teams site, and they can then index them in IRIS as needed.

To access the SharePoint site, simply follow the link below.
VolShop Department Charge Documentation - FY 2021 - All Documents (sharepoint.com)

To access Documents from SharePoint:
Click the “Open in SharePoint” button that you see in each Channel.

If you have remaining questions about this process, feel free to contact our VolShop Accounts Receivable Office:
arvolshop@utk.edu or 865-974-1011 or 1057.